How do you maintain your focus?

If you’re human, you know there are times when it’s hard to dial in and focus on the things you “should” be doing…  and I’ll admit that even writing this blog took more focus then I had anticipated!

We lose our focus the moment we iStock_000027358712Largebecome distracted, and there are a lot of things to be distracted by. Our cell phones loaded with hundreds of apps are probably the greatest distraction of all. There might be something in our environment that pulls our attention away, or our minds might wander as we think about all of the things we need to do before the end of the day.

Did you know that you can actually control your focus?! YES! This is an important realization!  You can control your mind and your focus, it’s simply a muscle that needs to be developed and strengthened.

So how do you maintain your focus? 

Keep it simple! Stay present in the moment and pick one thing to stay focused on. Ask yourself, ‘What am I going to do right now?’ or ‘What am I going to complete today?’ This will help give you the clarity you need to take action.

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