Tell Your Inner Critic ‘I got this!’ — Confidence

I think that confidence is the sexiest thing a person can have….

I know my level of confidence is directly correlated to my success and my level of satisfaction in my life. It’s something I’ve got to work at every single day. It’s just like going to the gym!

I’m never going to wake up one day and say, “I don’t need to workout anymore, I’ve put in my time, and I’m good for the rest of my life!” It’s the same thing with confidence, it’s something to focus on and work at daily! This consistent positive action will have an incredible impact on your life in the long run!


If you have the exact level of confidence that you want, way to go! Please comment below and share your tips with us!

And whether or not you have all the confidence in the world, or you struggle daily, I invite you to confidently go after the things that really light you up and bring joy and excitement into your life. If along the way you start to experience some self doubt or fear (because you’re human!) simply tell yourself, “I got this” or whatever positive message will work for you!

You got this!

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