“We matched Casey with a young, energetic coach with a marketing background, Alison Graddock, who works for the Coach Training Division of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. The two hit it off right away. “It was good to have someone who would challenge me,” Casey says. “I wrote down my goals and we narrowed them down, prioritizing what was most important to me and how we could achieve them together. She gave me homework after each coaching session and I knew if I didn’t do it, she’d give me a hard time.” A year later, at 24, Casey was promoted to become the company’s regional manager in Connecticut, a full-time, supervisory role.


Life Coaching, Not Just Career Coaching: Casey, who needed to live at home because his father was very ill, also received helpful advice from his coach on handling that situation. “Alison encouraged me to talk to other family members to help my mom, who was in the process of becoming my dad’s full-time caretaker,” he says. “She also helped me with personal stuff – to de-clutter my life, even clean my room and get on top of what I needed to do. Now that coaching is over, my mother really misses her, too.”


“Just finished up a session with Alison. I am so thankful to have such an amazing woman in my Life.


Alison’s insight and enthusiasm for nutrition and health is on-point.


Within the hour I spent talking to her… not only was I impressed by her wealth of knowledge but I’m walking away with new perspectives for aligning my health and fitness goals.


Alison definetly has a gift for meeting her clients exactly where they are today. And not only that, but she is able to create a vision and an applicable outline to help them be that best version of themselves.


So appreciative of our time together today!”

– Beth

Coaching with Alison was by far one of the best experiences of my life.  I am the man I am today because of coaching over the last several months.  Whether it was giving me a kick in the @$$ to be the person I know I can be, or a shift in perspective to be able to handle the things life throws at you.


I credit so much of my personal growth and self confidence to you and the coaching process, and I would recommend coaching with you to anyone and everyone.

– Ryan

“Alison is not only a life coach, she is also a loving, caring, inspiring, motivational, awesome person and friend.  I just completed a 12 week program with her, and I honestly feel more free, more positive, and mentally & physically healthier than ever.


Because of Alison’s coaching, I am more aware and accepting of everything going on in my life, and as a result, I’ve experienced more happiness and less stress.  She has brought clarity to what I truly want in life, and has guided me to those things.  It’s all about your mind set and how you cope with life experiences.


Throughout the 12-week process, Alison fully and actively listened to my needs, problems, and concerns – without judgment – and provided explanations and exercises to help me work through them. The program isn’t just 12-weeks and done; it’s the beginning of a journey towards creating the life that you really want.  I am so grateful for her coaching, her friendship, and her belief in me.”

– Heather

“When I signed up to work with Alison I really wasn’t sure what to expect but decided to be open, honest and to give the coaching process a chance. To my amazement the growth I have seen in myself within 12 weeks has been incredible.


Alison’s support, guidance and knowledge truly transformed my mindset and without even realizing it she helped me gain focus & clarity on my life, my health and my future endeavors/goals. Alison has truly become more than a coach but an inspiration to me as her energy and passion are contagious!


My journey certainly does not end here as this is only the beginning to a brighter, more confident and happier me! Thank You Alison!”

– Lori S.

I want to say a big huge enormous THANK YOU.


It may have only been a short time we worked together (4 sessions) but it helped and is still helping me. Let me tell how…I start school in April and I’m getting married in January to the most caring, loving, excepting, supportive, and understanding guy God could have placed in my life. This is all because you helped me choose to start putting myself first and not settle and it has made all the difference… Thank you so so so much!”

– Margo S.

“When I first met Alison, I initially thought, “Oh, I’m disciplined. I’m self-motivated. Why would I  need a life coach?”  I thought it was for people who needed someone to hold them accountable.  I quickly realized that she is a LIFE CHANGER. I chose to work with Alison to help me achieve personal goals that get put on the back burner, business goals that were not being met, and relationship goals that would make me and my spouse happier together.


We are often distracted by what we think we want. She helped me take a step back, look at the bigger picture and establish an action plan to achieve the life I dream of. I enjoy my life more, and am becoming more successful because of the things she’s taught me. She has transformed my business and I now work smarter instead of harder!


Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. You have one life to live, so live an amazing one! Alison will show you how. From the bottom of my heart, I can honestly tell you that you will make the best investment of your life by working with Alison.”

– Nancy A.

“I initially sought coaching because I was at a crossroads. Externally, things were changing and decisions had to be made and I felt at a standstill inside. I had no idea how to intersect my goals and seemingly disparate experiences after a year of impactful work and recently graduating college. All I knew was that I was eager to try anything new so long as I was learning, growing, and serving others. Something that happened almost immediately in my sessions with Alison was that coaching for me was not about synthesizing my goals and experiences, but completely about identifying and integrating my core values. We explored the values that have always subconsciously steered my decisions, but Alison had a way of surfacing them and pinpointing them in almost every aspect of my life.


My sessions with Alison came at a time when external things were in flux, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perceptive, positive, and caring coach that was 100% focused on me being my best self. Alison’s skillset and attitude is a strong reinforcement of the benefits of positive health and coaching. Over the course of 3 months, I became more and more warm and invigorated by the fact that I am 100% in control of the conditions of my life, and that a good deal of that control comes from the ability to employ and have faith in my values. Alison helped me realize that, and we both got to see the results together. Thank you Alison!”

– Molly Martin

“Alison and I have had a great time getting to know each other. She’s been everything and more.


Everything from energy levels, to career planning and even some relationship support has been a super great help in my life. She really allowed me to work my way through challenges on my own, but not alone which is key. She’s given me the tools to channel both positive and negative energies in a way that works to my benefit as well as the benefits of others.


She allowed me to explore my core values and paint a true picture of the life that I’m looking to create.


All I can say is thank you. Without her, things would still be murky for me. Without her I wouldn’t have as much of a true understanding as to why I do some of the things I do, why I feel the way I feel sometimes and how that can impact me.


She’s been a blessing and I’d recommend her to anyone. She the best!”

– Orlando D. Gunn Jr.

“I wasn’t really sure what a Life Coach was, but there was something about Alison that I knew I wanted and needed. For me, coaching has been a really great experience. Alison has helped me identify what I want in my life, make the necessary changes to get there, and has been such a positive support system and guide through the whole process.”

– Henry R.

“Alison has a true talent in coaching, she has the ability to say the right things at the right time which ultimately kicks you into action mode. Alison is an inspiration to me. I had been thinking for several months about some fitness/health goals I wanted to attain. When she started her health coaching business I thought it was a great opportunity to go for it. For me saying out loud to someone, this is what I want to do, started the process. Knowing that I had to be accountable motivated me even more. As a result of her coaching, I attained my goals and feel better about myself, she helped me to seamlessly fit my health and fitness goals in with the rest of my life style which gave me a true work/life balance. The time invested with her will last me a lifetime.

– Nathalee D.

From our first session, I knew I found the right professional coach. Alison is not only an insightful listener, she creates a comfortable and safe atmosphere that promotes self exploration, discovery, and inspires life choices. Our weekly sessions have helped me clearly identify personal values, professional goals, and to confidently use this awareness to guide my career decisions.


Not only has Alison coached me through the big issues, but she also advised me as to where and how I might focus my time and energies to be my happiest self day to day. Overall Alison has been a pleasure to work with. She is always prepared, provides honest, candid, and actionable feedback, and has held me to the goals I’ve set for myself. Alison is as astute as she is sensitive. There is not a day that goes by that I haven’t recalled something shared in our sessions. I wish her the very best with her business and will highly recommend her to anyone in search of a professional coach.”

– Erika Reckert

“Alison is a make things happen kind of person. If you’re looking for someone who is dedicated and enthusiastic, work with Alison. She’s is the go to person, passionate, and energetic, combined with caring and fun! Her attention to detail and follow up are second to none.”

– Karen Sullivan

“This company is owned and ran by two great people who I can honestly say have a genuine love for coaching, fitness and nutrition. Very knowledgeable in their trade. Synergy Performance Coaching offers great coaching, support, daily motivation, and a unique way of helping to enhance the “mind-muscle connection”. Change your life for the better now!”

– Dave Ivins

It was good to have someone who would challenge me, I wrote down my goals and we narrowed them down, prioritizing what was most important to me and how we could achieve them together. She gave me homework after each coaching session and I knew if I didn’t do it, she’d give me a hard time.”

– Casey Larkin

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