Yell and Scream

You know those moments when you start to feel overwhelmed, or frustrated, or annoyed, and that energy starts to build up inside of you.. what do you do in those moments?  Most of us try and contain it, ignore it and pretend that we are “fine.” We put our heads down and continue on, trying to stay focused on whatever it is that we’re doing, until that energy is finally released. Unfortunately it is pretty common for that frustration to be released onto our partners, loved ones, teammates, co-workers, and it causes additional tension and the whole cycle repeats itself…

This energy that builds up internally needs to be released — and it will always be released, its just a matter of when and where.

The next time you start to feel this energy starting to build, try this…it’s easy, it’s effective, it can be fun, and I was inspired by a woman I workout with!


My friend Lauren, when we are in the middle of a workout and our muscles are burning and we’re trying to catch our breathe, and we have 35 more minutes to go will SCREAM her favorite four letter words and then continue pushing herself to the max!

This yelling & screaming is so effective because it allows that energy to be released, it’s not directed at any one or creating additional tension so that cycle is broken, and now  you can refocus, regroup and continue on with your day feeling more productive and like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders!


I hope the next time you’re feeling any sort of tension build, try releasing it by screaming or yelling and let me know how this little tip worked for you!


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